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Bruce Armstrong

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What we needed to do was implement spell checking in the rich edit fields in our application (see Figures 1 and 2). To do that, we got a license for the Sentry Spelling Checker Engine from Wintertree Software ( The utility is easily implemented and works quite well on standard Rich Edit controls. However, the PowerBuilder Rich Edit control is an OEM version of an old third-party control that was popular before Microsoft introduced its Rich Edit control to the common controls. As a result, the messages and functions it supports are completely different from those that the Sentry utility is trying to use to interact with the control. Our first approach to dealing with this was to extend the PowerBuilder Rich Edit control so that it mimicked the events and functions of the Microsoft Rich Edit control. However, we soon realized that the amou... (more)

PowerBuilder Editorial: A Tale of Two Companies...

The first is Borland. Originally known for their development tools (e.g., Delphi, JBuilder, C++ Builder), in February of 2006 Borland announced they were planning to sell off the Development Tools Group so that they could focus on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product offerings. In November of 2006, after failing to find a buyer that met their criteria, they decided to spin off the development group into a wholly owned subsidiary called CodeGear. Just recently (two years after the original notice of the intent to sell) Borland announced that they were in fact selling the... (more)

PowerBuilder News

THIRD-PARTY TOOLS PBDelta Version 4.0.4 PowerBuilder Developer's Resource released PBDelta V4.0.4, with new command-line features to make integration easier with source control. PBDR also fixed a bug and was rebuilt using PB 9.0.1. SmartScripter Romu Software released SmartScripter. It analyzes PowerScript and changes the case of the words according to its user-defined dictionaries. AquaFold Data Studio AquaFold Inc. announced the release of version 3.5 of Aqua Data Studio, a database and query administration tool that... (more)

Blogging - Everyone's Doing It

Keeping up with all the blogs out there can be time-consuming, which is why I decided to present some excerpts from my blog ( in this month's editorial. Dynamically Creating an Access Database Ever need to export data in an Access database format? It may be a little easier than you think, or even the way you're currently doing it. Two things to consider: You can dynamically create an Access database file without having Access on the system. You can connect to that database and write data to it without ever creating ODBC entries for it. The first item i... (more)

Must-Haves for the Next Version of PowerBuilder

A while back I took the new features I suggested in my PBDJ editorial last year, all the input from last TechWave's enhancement section discussion, and all of the suggestions from a long thread a while back in the sybase.public.powerbuilder.future _directions forum, and I entered them into the ISUG enhancement request system. I've now gone back and captured all of the data for all of the enhancements in that system in a spreadsheet. I then split them up between those that got an average score of four or higher and those that didn't. For all of the enhancements that got an averag... (more)