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PowerBuilder contains a number of built-in common dialogs that can be used within your own applications. What do you do when one of these dialogs meets most, but not quite all, of the functionality you need? Do you simply accept the limited functionality? Do you write your own dialog from scratch to replicate them and add the additional functionality (a maintenance headache)? There is a third option. You can simply use the dialog that PowerBuilder provides and modify it at runtime to provide just the additional functionality that you need. The dialogs PowerBuilder provides include: The GetFileOpenName, GetFileSaveName, ChooseColor, GetFolder, PrintSetup, and PrintSetupPrinter system function dialogs The DataWindow Control SaveAs, SetFilter, and SetSort function dialogs The DataWindow object DataWindow.Print.Prompt attribute dialog The ubiquitous MessageBox dialog For... (more)

The Next Paradigm Shift...

First there were the thin clients. Not the Internet thin clients, I'm talking about the mainframe applications with dumb terminals. Everything ran on the server; the client was basically there only to display and for input from the user. Then PCs came along and a paradigm shift occurred toward thick clients. Really thick clients in fact. Not only was the user interface running locally on the PC, but often so was the data access layer, with the application accessing local database files or perhaps a shared database file on the network. Key reasons for the shift were a better user... (more)

ASP.NET Application Deployment With Sybase PowerBuilder

Last month I started a series in which I'll be looking at some of the important new technology offerings Sybase showed at TechWave and share with you my comments (good or bad) about those technologies. Last month's topic was the PowerBuilder Application Server Plugin (PASP). This month I want to discuss the ASP.NET Application Deployment feature slated for PowerBuilder 11. ASP.NET Application Deployment in PB11 This particular feature has been in the works for a while, but it wasn't until I saw John Strano's demo during the tools keynote that I started developing an interest in i... (more)

The PowerBuilder Ecosystem

One of the indications of how well a product is doing is how well the ecosystem surrounding it is doing. For a software product that can be determined by a number of things, including how active user groups are and whether the number of third-party products that work with it are increasing or decreasing. Well, thanks in large part to the efforts of Sybase to promote the new version, there have been user group meetings across the world recently. Upcoming events are still scheduled for London, UK, Zurich, Switzerland and Lima, Peru. The third-party product market for PowerBuilder... (more)

What’s New in PowerBuilder 12.1?

The PowerBuilder 12.1 maintenance release is now available. For people who believe that you should never use the .0 release of any product, the maintenance release means they should feel comfortable using PowerBuilder 12 now. However, there are several good reasons other than that to get the maintenance release, including a number of important new features it introduces. We'll look at the important ones below. Database connectivity: The maintenance release adds support for connectivity to ASE 15.5 and SQL Anywhere 12.0. There is no additional functionality specific to those vers... (more)