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What we needed to do was implement spell checking in the rich edit fields in our application (see Figures 1 and 2). To do that, we got a license for the Sentry Spelling Checker Engine from Wintertree Software ( The utility is easily implemented and works quite well on standard Rich Edit controls. However, the PowerBuilder Rich Edit control is an OEM version of an old third-party control that was popular before Microsoft introduced its Rich Edit control to the common controls. As a result, the messages and functions it supports are completely different from those that the Sentry utility is trying to use to interact with the control. Our first approach to dealing with this was to extend the PowerBuilder Rich Edit control so that it mimicked the events and functions of the Microsoft Rich Edit control. However, we soon realized that the amou... (more)

Top 10.5 Reasons to Use PowerBuilder 10.5

This month we take an in-depth look at the new features introduced or existing features enhanced in PowerBuilder 10.5. Even though it is not a full point release, it (like 6.5) is a full major release. In order to get many of these enhancements to the user (you and me) sooner, Sybase split off a subset of the original enhancements planned for the 11.0 release. The stuff that is centered around .NET deployment remains in the 11.0 feature set. In the meantime, the features that were not .NET deployment-related are available now. Sue Dunnell, the Sybase product manager for (among o... (more)

TreeView DataWindow Presentation Style

One of the first things you'll notice when you open up the File -> New -> DataWindow dialog is the new TreeView DataWindow presentation style (see Figure 1). The first thing you'll actually notice is that all of the IDE icons have more of an XP style, but then you'll notice the new presentation style. Once you've double-clicked on that you'll see the same series of dialogs that you're already familiar with from the other presentation styles, in which you select the data source, the tables to use, the columns in the tables, etc. That is, it will be familiar until after you've fin... (more)

TechWave 2007

This year TechWave 2007 took place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. For those of you who didn't make it, the following is a recap of the events, with a couple of thoughts and suggestions thrown in. Sunday Officially the only thing going on Sunday was conference registration. However, there is a private TeamSybase/Sybase reception on Sunday evening where, among other things, new TeamSybase members are inducted. This year we added one new member: Roland Smith. Photos of the reception - along with all the other photos I've taken at TechWave - are available at (more)

Come Get Your Beta While It’s Hot

The PowerBuilder 12.0 beta has officially started. It's pretty hard to overstate the magnitude of the changes that are taking place within PowerBuilder for this version. As a result, it's more important than ever for as many people as possible to participate in order to get the most amount of feedback as possible back to Sybase. It's going to be a lot easier to let Sybase know there's a problem with a feature now before the "die is cast" and it's easier for them to fix than to wait until after the release to find the problem, and then have to wait for an EBF for a correction In ... (more)